My Nail Polish Collection

Upon some prodding I decided to photograph and make note of my entire nail polish collection - a whopping 66 colors. I admit I just placed an order for some of the Glee collection just put out at Sephora and I am still in search for the perfect cream opaque baby pink (please share your suggestions), and an opaque cream white to wear under my sheers.  

Storage wise I have a nail polish rack I got as a gift that is supposedly fit for 70 bottles. I will need to either get rid of some or get more storage space for the incoming ones. Likely it’ll be the former since there were many colors gifted to me that I’m not really feeling. I’d like to point out a good chunk of my collection is gifted. When people ask what should they buy me for birthdays or holidays, after a bunch of rounds of “nothing, really” I finally say nail polish to be left alone since you can find it in a cheap price range so I don’t feel guilty over people overspending. 

If you see any color you’d like me to try and review let me know. I’m pretty certain I’ve worn each one at least once. 

So let’s get this started:

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